Get Outside!

Our little backyard has just enough space for all of our kids to run around, draw with chalk, play in the sprinklers, and scoot around! 

Our own backyard means we stay safe when going outside to play.

No crossing streets, playing on high up jungle gyms, or getting lost in a crowd. 

Every Spring we get our garden ready for growing a variety of organic fruits, veggies, and herbs to eat throughout the summer. Last year we had kale, arugula, tomatoes, swiss chard, radishes, bok choy, basil, rosemary, thyme, and much more!

We go outside every day - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. During extreme weather conditions and rainy days we stay inside for safety. 

Our honey bunches do all of their own gardening, from aerating the soil to harvesting their crops. Gardening helps us teach our kids how to respect the earth. Turning the compost is always the most fun  (and smelliest!) activity.